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Ian Itter is a retired engineering tradesman who has taken a keen interest in writing about Australian History and in making available to all, some of our most rare  books based on historical events. Ian has a passion for bringing to life some of those untold and obscure stories about people who in each of their own ways make up the history of our Australia.  Included in these pages are,  a total list of books produced and section pages covering the finished publications.

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  1. Dear Ian
    I am keen to purchase a copy of your book on Langloh Parker but more importantly I should like to arrange a time to talk to you about Langloh who was my great great uncle (or should there be another great??) and Katie. I have a fellowship to explore more of her life and how she could possible achieve such a feat of notating an indigenous language and collecting the ‘tales’… to build on the work of Marcie Muir and yourself . with regards

    Jane Singleton

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