John Fairfield – The Overlander

John Fairfield - The Overlander

This book is a novel written by Peter Beveridge based on actual events of that time.

It is thought to have been written in 1862 in the lounge room of the Tyntyndyer Homestead, near Swan Hill

The term “Overlander” generally applies to those pioneering men and women who braved the wilderness to walk their sheep and cattle over long distances to remote  areas where new runs and  stations were being created.

Livestock was also walked to newly created towns such as Melbourne, Adelaide and others and to the new goldfields that had come into existence following the discovery of gold in the 1850’s

Although place names are not mentioned, it is possible to re-create a pathway of where the Overlander’s of this book traversed.

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Old Times in the Bush of Australia

Old Times in the Bush of Australia

In March, 1839, James Kirby was requested to commit his early experiences in the Australian bush to paper by the then Governor General of Australia Lord Hopetoun.

The Kirby family along with the Beveridge family, who were then living at Mercer’s Vale organised an exploratory party to search for new lands to better their pastoral existence.

Arriving at Major Mitchell’s Swan Hill, the two Kirby brothers and the two Beveridge brothers set up a station which they called Tyntyndyer, ten miles down stream.

From this beginning and following the murder by natives of Andrew Beveridge at Piangil Station, the brothers left the district and became store keepers, stock and station agents, hotel proprietors and lessees of three large properties in and around Casterton in Victoria’s Western District.

James has included in this 1896 book, the first meeting with the local tribe of the Watti Watti people of the Tyntynder and Poon Boon area, the killing of Andrew, several tales of station life in and around Casterton and his final occupation of a station at Minyip.

An excellent, factual book written from first hand experience.

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  • Released 2016
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  • Written by James Kirby
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