To Hell and Gone

To Hell and Gone - Penryn Goldman

This book, at first glance, appears to be just another old travel book concerning selected parts of the  globe, however to those interested in Australian History, it’s pages give a large amount of detail on a trip taken by an 18 year old English aristocrat, nephew of Sir Penny Goldman, Viceroy of India, who was determined to see the regions of the British Empire.

Penryn Goldman (Monck) who, upon acquiring a 1926 Baby Austin car, made a unique trip from Adelaide to Daly Waters in the Northern Territory via the undeveloped “Australian Outback” now famously called “The Never Never land.”

Travel with Penny as he heads for Darwin, only to have the body of his second hand Austin collapse at Daly Waters.

After joining newly made friends Frank and Win Wright of Melbourne, he journeys with them in the 1925 Vauxhall Tourer back to Roto in central New South Wales.

An exciting book on human endeavour in early Australia.

  • Original Title
  • Released 2016
  • ISBN 978-0-9941510-6-3
  • Written by Penryn Goldman
  • Price $45 Aus plus postage.

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