The Squatters Directory 1859 – Revisited

The Squatters Directory 1859 – Revisited

The Squatting Directory 1859This index was produced primarily to assist researchers of Victorian Pastoral history. This is book two of a three book series.

This transcription was compiled using the directory for this period which had been originally published in Melbourne in 1859 and is now held in the Victorian State Library.

This Directory as with the other books in this series, is presented in three different sort formats, i.e. by Squatters Names, Station Names and the District in which these properties were, and in most cases still are located making it easy to locate any relevant details.

Compiled during a period in Victoria’s history, when a strong development era was in progress, following and during the Victorian Gold Rush, this index displays to the reader the steady rural growth in pastoral properties and grazier occupations, It displays also the steady encroachment of European settlement into the more remote regions of the land called “Australia Felix”

  • Transcription
  • Released 2014
  • ISBN 978-0-9941510-1-8
  • Compiled by James Blundell

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