Final News for 2013

Welcome to the final edition of ASRP TV for 2013, covering the launch of ‘The Red Brick Woolshed’ at an event hosted by the East Loddon and District Historical Society was a huge success. With more than 100 people who had travelled all over the country to attend the event, stories were exchanged, and it was fascinating to learn more about the woolshed.

In addition to this, Ian has also launched a new book on Arthur Itter.

Arthur Itter- God’s Knight Errant Revisited


Arthur Itter, of Peterborough, was a Crusader for Christ, a true Knight in the service of the Kingdom. His religion was the mainspring of his life, and loyalty to his church took first place. He was associated with many philanthropic and religious enterprises and was elected to the Council of the Baptist Union of great Britain and Ireland.

A man of charming personality, with qualities of character and statesmanship that well fitted him for the civic and administrative posts to which he was called. He succeeded to his fathers business at the age of 25, and his many commercial and financial interests soon brought him into prominence and he became a City councillor when he was 30 and Mayor at 35 – the youngest Mayor ever to be elected by the City of Peterborough.

Accepting happily and gratefully all the beauty and gladness of life, his gratitude expressed itself in service to his fellow men and he was a fine example of what youth can mean to the corporate life of a modern city.

A Loyal friend, a good Christian and a great Citizen, he was honoured and loved by all.

And that wraps up our last news post for 2013. We thank you very much for your support throughout the year, and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, and we look forward to a bright and happy 2014!

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About Ian Itter | ASRP

Ian Itter is a retired engineering tradesman who has taken a keen interest in writing about Australian History and in making available to all, some of our most rare books based on historical events. Ian has a passion for bringing to life some of those untold and obscure stories about people who in each of their own ways make up the history of our Australia.

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