Herbert Austin- His First Cars


Herbert Austin was the producer of some of the earliest motor cars in the United Kingdom.

After leaving Australia to work for the Wolseley Sheep Shearing Machine Co. Ltd., he returned to his native land where he turned the manufacturing of sheep shearing machines into a very successful operation.

He then turned his attention to his dream of creating some form of road transport after witnessing the hardships of travel in outback Australia.

This booklet takes the reader systematically through the development of each car he developed, starting with his two Wolseley named vehicles up to the commencement of manufacturing under his own name and company, The Austin Motor Car Co.

Austin cars played a large part of road transport, both personal and commercial in the early days of motoring in Australia. And at one time nearly became Australia’s own car.

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About Ian Itter | ASRP

Ian Itter is a retired engineering tradesman who has taken a keen interest in writing about Australian History and in making available to all, some of our most rare books based on historical events. Ian has a passion for bringing to life some of those untold and obscure stories about people who in each of their own ways make up the history of our Australia.

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