ASRP TV filming at Serpentine!

Today, Ian was once again joined by the team from Motor View, as they filmed a video on the Red Brick Woolshed located in Long Road, Serpentine.  The video focuses on the construction and history of the woolshed and its homestead, as well as the impact the John Ettershank had on the area.

With the filming complete, the production team will now go away and edit the video, before uploading it to ASRP TV.

We can’t wait to bring you this exciting video, so keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks!

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About Ian Itter | ASRP

Ian Itter is a retired engineering tradesman who has taken a keen interest in writing about Australian History and in making available to all, some of our most rare books based on historical events. Ian has a passion for bringing to life some of those untold and obscure stories about people who in each of their own ways make up the history of our Australia.

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